1. History of the Welsh Varsity from the Beginning

    The Inaugural Welsh Varsity Match was played in 1997 in the Welsh Capital and home of Cardiff Rugby Football Club, Cardiff Arms Park. The game was played by the two Welsh Premier Universities; Cardiff and Swansea and the highly successful “Varsity” model was adopted with all proceeds from the event going to Oxfam.

    In the early years the Welsh Varsity Match was held alternatively at Cardiff Arms Park and St Helens, the home of Swansea Rugby Club. In 2003 and until 2007 the game was held at the neutral ground of the Brewery field in Bridgend.

  2. Welsh Varsity Match Favourites

    Historically Swansea University enjoy the tag of perennial favourites at the Welsh Varsity Match winning to date; ten Varsities, losing five times and drawing once.

    Swansea University have regularly enjoyed the ability to select from a vast pool of very talented players such as Welsh nationals Alun Wynn Jones, Ritchie Pugh and Dwayne Peel. 2007 saw Swansea field no less than 11 FIRA Internationals at varying ages resulting in a win at Cardiff Arms Park.

    Cardiff have enjoyed success in recent years with the introduction of a Head of Rugby at Cardiff University; the current Head of Rugby, Martyn Fowler played an integral part in all five of Cardiff University Rugby Clubs Welsh Varsity Match victories winning back to back for the first time in the clubs history in 2008/09 and achieving another win in 2012.

  3. Life After the Welsh Varsity

    Many Cardiff and Swansea University students have gone on to represent and gain contracts with many semi professional and professional clubs on the back of great performances in the Welsh Varsity Match.

    In 2007 both Universities agreed to award Caps for all students who take the field and play in Varsity. This has added an extra edge to what has already proved to be the most competitive game of the year for both squads.

Year Venue Captains Result
1997 Cardiff Arms Park Rob Crozier Swansea 23 - 11 Cardiff
1998 St Helens Ben Williams Swansea 49 – 13 Cardiff
1999 Cardiff Arms Park Ben Martin Swansea 13 – 7 Cardiff
2000 St Helens James Meredith
James McKay
Swansea 28 - 18 Cardiff
2001 Cardiff Arms Park Andy Boyd
James Templeman
Cardiff 10 - 10 Swansea
2002 St Helens Alex Luff
Steffan Edwards
Cardiff 21 - 3 Swansea
2003 The Brewery Field Sam Rees
Hefin Evans
Swansea 18 – 12 Cardiff
2004 The Brewery Field Jon Tenconi
James Cole
Swansea 25 - 11 Cardiff
2005 The Brewery Field Jack Dawson
Owain Griffiths
Swansea 16 – 8 Cardiff
2006 The Brewery Field Tom Hocking
Craig Voisey
Cardiff 15 – 5 Swansea
2007 Cardiff Arms Park Richard Watkins
Matt Hopper
Swansea 18 - 0 Cardiff
2008 Cardiff Arms Park Aled Mason
Rob Evans
Cardiff 19 - 9 Swansea
2009 Cardiff Arms Park Aaron Fowler
Rhys Lawrence
Cardiff 9 - 6 Swansea
2010 Liberty Stadium Kerry O'Sullivan
Mark Schropfer
Swansea 16 - 12 Cardiff
2011 The Millenium Stadium Rhodri Clancy
Mark Schropfer
Swansea 28 - 18 Cardiff
2012 The Millenium Stadium Richard Smart
Jake Cooper-Wooley
Cardiff 33 - 13 Swansea
2013 The Millenium Stadium Cardiff 13 - 21 Swansea
2014 The Millenium Stadium Cardiff 15 - 19 Swansea
2015 Liberty Stadium Cardiff 26 - 22 Swansea
2016 Liberty Stadium Cardiff 16 - 10 Swansea

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